“I am a climate and social justice activist who believes that we can solve our societal struggles through building community and taking bold action.”

We all know Missoula is a special place.

Being surrounded by mountains, having a beautiful river through our town, and being connected to a lively community makes our home truly unique. However, the Missoula way of life has been changing, and not all for the better. 

The cost of living has rapidly increased, while our wages have stayed stagnant. New hotel complexes have sprung up in the heart of our downtown, while apartment vacancy rates have hit historic lows and homelessness has hit historic highs. 

I’m running for City Council to take urgent action to ensure every Missoulian has access to affordable, secure housing. I’m also running to make sure our state does its part to address our rapidly growing climate crisis.

Growing up, I always loved nature. That’s what brought me to study Environmental Studies and Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana. Each year we have watched the wildfires intensify, covering our town in smoke; and this year threatens to be what scientists are calling the worst drought in modern history. 

Seeing firsthand the effects of our  climate crisis is what drove me toward greater action as a climate activist, and same for our housing crisis, as a renter in a town increasingly saturated with high cost housing developments.  

And I’m warmed by how many Missoulains have helped in these efforts. We’ve protested, we’ve marched, and we wrote to fight for a better world, but too often our politicians have failed to understand the gravity, the urgency of our need. Without immediate action on our climate crisis and our housing crisis, we’ll lose sight of the Missoula we have all come to love.

I know I’m not alone in my concerns for our future, and this is why I am asking for your support in this year’s City Council race. As an activist, you can count on me to do everything within my power as a City Council member to keep Missoula green and to make it a place that we can all afford to live and thrive. 

To protect the future of our community, we need you to share about this campaign with your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. Together, let’s create a Missoula that works for all of us. 

Ward 3

Missoula City Council

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Candidate for Ward 3

Mailing Address 530 S. 5th Street E. Apt. 1 Missoula, MT, 59801

Email CarlinoforMissoula@gmail.com